What is it ?

« La Cantine » is an association that rents a former factory canteen in the Rondez industrial area, in Delémont. This vast space had become obsolete and gloomy following the fall in prices of the Jura steel market… Since April 2016 workshops used collectively have revived the place.

Spaces are now open to do-it-yourselfers, possibility explorers, free spirits, or curious passers-by who wish to forge ties, create, appreciate, modify, repair, share objects, ideas, music, theater, conferences, films…

All kinds of things can be done at « La Cantine » by privileging solidarity to competition, confidence to written contracts, self-management to human hierarchical organization.

We have neither leaders nor financial grants. Each person using the location is considered responsible for his or her own safety, for the common good and for the collective functioning. As for the money, each user participates following our « free price » approach. We manage by recycling the waste and we get by thanks to donations and contributions. We try to be happy with the little we have in order to make the most of it.

“La Cantine” is almost always open to the public. Weekly you can have a collective meal, followed by a group meeting.

La Cantine, Route de Moutier 105, 2800 Delémont / 0041 (0)32 422 60 60